Writing for Social

What does it take to say it right in 140 characters or create a perfect photo caption? In this workshop, you'll learn how to write and edit for the way people read on screens and smartphones, and start crafting social media content that activates audiences.

In this half-day workshop, you’ll practice:


  • Getting users to read, like, and share content instead of scrolling past

  • Crafting social media content that inspires action

  • Using the ART technique to define a brand voice and keep it consistent in every post

  • Focusing on nouns and verbs to save space and make posts pop

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We conduct the workshop at your site, and you provide a conference room and projector. Bold Type facilitators provide your team with customized instruction, industry-specific case studies, and one-on-one feedback. Combine two or more workshop topics for a full day of training.



We work with you to structure a webinar or webinar series that works for your schedule. Webinar delivery is interactive and participants will have time to apply what they’ve learned and receive feedback.